Schwaben (German: Schwaben) - Germans who speak a special Schwaben dialect (one of the South German dialects) of German.
The area in southern Germany, where the majority of the inhabitants are Schwabens, is called Schwabenland.
Immigrants from Schwaben, as well as from neighboring territories of Germany, France (Alsace) and Switzerland, during the German colonization began to appear in Ukraine in the late XVIII century.
Among the local colonisers called the Schwabs.
New Khorosno (German: NeoChrusno) - Founded in 1783.
Ternopilly / Dornfeld (German: Dornfeld) - Founded in 1784.
The Germans lived in these areas until 1939. As a result of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, all Germans were relocated to Germany.
Currently, the only evidence of the life of the Schwabs are abandoned cemeteries near the villages of Khorosno and Ternopilly.
On the side of the Lviv-Stryi road there is a cross with the inscription:
"Praise God
 Old Khorosno"

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